Oxygen in a Can Gives you a Boost


canned-oxygen.jpgI was listening to Bubba The Love Sponge on Sirius Satellite Radio today and to prep up for their Friday morning show all the guys in the studio were hitting cans of Big Ox. I don’t think that the guys over at TheBigOx.com intended on radio personalities using their product to wake up in the morning but it did seem to do the trick.

For all intents and proposes The Big Ox is oxygen in a can. Each can contains 89% pure oxygen as apposed to the wimpy 21% we normally breathe from day to day and comes in four tasty flavors Tropical Breeze, Mountain Mint, Polar Rush and Citrus Blast.

If you are exercising, training, or just need a pick me up during your high paced day you can grab yourself a 2 pack of 4.4gram cans for just $23.98 at TheBigOx.com

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  1. Charles

    I agree but, I think it is more air than you think. They say that you should take 2 shots that are about 2 seconds long each.


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