History Fires Back: Desktop Leonardo Da Vinci Catapults

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History Fires Back: Desktop Leonardo Da Vinci Catapults brings the rudimentary genius of war machines from medieval and Renaissance sieges to the 21st Century desk or D&D layout.

This is no mere toy.

Using ancient designs that are long proven to help bring down a stone castle, or at least a small keep, the DDLDV Catapult (that is a mouthful of an acronym to say) is realized in all its glory, just at 1:24 scale.

Desktop Da Vinci Catapult

Accurately fling candy, paper clips, gum, a halfling thief figure, and anything else you can think of a good 20 feet.

Click the vintage mechanisms’ cog back, spike by spike, dink, dink, dink, and once the lever is primed with your miniature wrench, you can release the lever and watch the satisfying arrow du jour – a piece of your lunch meat – hail down upon your enemies.

Wooden Desktop Catapult

It may not take down the rock wall, but it could really mess up someone’s computer screen, or Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition grid.

Those halfling thief sneak attacks require precision.

And flinging enough of the player’s pieces out of their spacing can really be a dark and unexpected tool for a dungeon master equipped with the catapulting gear when the playing field needs leveling.

Every January a limited edition of 100 Desktop Leonardo Da Vinci Catapults are fully assembled by hand using Baltic birch wood and machined brass parts and put up on Kickstarter for a paltry $79 smackaroos.

This year, following the plague of 2020 (no metaphor necessary), is the matte black finish and it looks sharp!

The brass bolts and pieces really pop against the dark wood stain background.

These bad boys are 5 inches by 3 inches by 8 inches (Length X Width X Height).

And with less than a week left to sell, there are still some available, and a fantastic bonus comes with each da Vinci Catapult: perfectly fitting wooden balls made for the scoop of the catapult and maximum distance and damage.

To war!

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