Remotely Move the Pet Camera Powered Smart Ball PlayDate


If you want to spy on your cat, owl, or dog and scare the bejesus out of them then use a PlayDate to remotely follow them around with a pet camera-powered smart ball.


The PlayDate is self-explanatory: it is a play-date for somebody.

Whether that be the owner that gets the play-date, as they sit or stand comfortably from a place of work, or whether it is the ever-energetic Milly the puppy as her droopy bagle-ears rise in surprise at the approaching orb, is entirely up to you.

The PlayDate is a ball of fun (yuck yuck yuck) . . . literally.

And despite a $149 Indiegogo discounted cost, there is a reason this little guy has been backed by 529% more than its goal: it is pure joy with fancy HD cameras in a ball.

Sure you can get a semi-autonomous Sphero BB-8 at a similar price and get your geek on while torturing, or rather entertaining, the cats.

But the PlayDate’s eyes are a pet camera that is made to take in the surroundings, and offer them up in a stable HD image or video recording.

A built-in mic allows for a recording of Milly’s barks as she slips and slides across the kitchen linoleum trying to chorale the smart ball.

And then when she has it in her jaws, use the speaker to project a voice of god to her (or your own voice if you value her wit and knowledge of your voice).

Speaking of animals either chewing or clawing the hell out of this fun little PlayDate when they finally corner it, this smart ball is built within a shatterproof polycarbonate shell that is safe and is ultimately, when torn to shreds, replaceable.

And yes, all of this is controlled by an App, as the puppet master wielding a smartphone can steer this thing from another room or another country.

Now that the $200,000 stretch goal has been made, there is even an auto-play mode that will queue up an autopilot of the ball-playing hide and seek with its kitty or pup, like Milly.

Let us just hope the AI they use in the PlayDate smart ball does not grow too smart, or these things will start tripping their owners when they least expect it (getting out of bed, stepping out of the shower and BOOM, down we go).

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  1. This looks like a lovely device to keep watch on my pet. Great technology with innovative ideas.

  2. Haha! This is just amazing. Good way to keep them busy and also keep a watch on their activities. I would really like to have one of them for my pet.


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