FLYBi Me to the Moon and Let Me Play Among the Stars

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As I get older and more ready to start a family, I have started taking stock of what is important in life. A good job, a nice home, and good schools for our kids. Then I saw the FLYBi drone and decided that I was totally wrong and what is important in life is a super awesome drone that I can fly around. Unfortunately eBay won’t let me sell my child in advance, even though I offered free shipping and everything.


I envision the scene at FLYBi Drone headquarters – The team sits around a conference room table, on the wall in front of them is a chart of every cool feature a drone could possibly have and they sit there arguing about which features to keep and which ones to drop. In walks CEO Tim Voss, in probably a blazer and t-shirt combo, he strolls to the front of the room and raises his hands. “Tim, we can’t possibly cut the GPS tracking or the Helideck that automatically swaps out the depleted batteries!” Tim looks down at him and says “We’re not cutting anything. This will be the coolest drone ever created and everyone will look at it and say that is the coolest drone ever created.

Friends, this is the coolest drone ever created. Its feature list reads like a checklist I would have on the wall of a childhood clubhouse detailing the features of my future spacecraft. Except its available for me to purchase now, unlike my spacecraft, which is still in the R&D phase. It even features a mechanism that keeps you from crashing into things, FLYBi: 2, PeteFO™: 0.


The FLYBi is controllable from the smartphone app, from the wrist mounted joystick, or it can be assigned a path on a map to follow. While flying you can use the gimbal mounted camera to see what the drone sees. Oh and of course you can see the camera feed with the head tracker goggles. Yes that’s right you can wear goggles on your face and see what your drone sees from up in the air, this is the closest to an out of body experience many of us will ever get.

What happens when you get distracted by all these awesome features and forget to check your battery level? Rather than crashing and injuring unsuspecting park patrons the FLYBi will use its built in GPS and track back to the Helideck base station. It will then land and automatically swap its battery out for one of 2 additional ones that are fully charged.

With the base station plugged in the batteries will continue to charge and swap out as needed. All this adds up to unlimited flying, the only thing they haven’t figured out is how you will eat while you’re flying this awesome drone. Maybe that’s what the wife and kid are for after all?

Where do I signup? A pledge of $495 at Indiegogo will get you up and cruising while $829 will land you the whole shebang — googles, control, carrying case, and all.

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