Olloclip Gives iPhone 6 Wide Angle + Macro Lenses

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Owners of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have been raving about the camera for months now, and the Olloclip snaps over the camera to add four impressive lenses, including wide angle and macro.


There is little that the Apple 8-megapixel iSight camera lacks, but Olloclip offers a HUGE upgrade!

In seconds you can clip this light lens overtop of the iPhone, and gain four new lens options: fisheye, wide-angle, macro (10X), and macro (15X).

For those of us that rely on a sturdy front facing camera for selfies en masse, the Olloclip simultaneously adds its super powers to the front and rear cameras on the iPhone 6 models.


If you want to play, this little add-on offers a fisheye lens to distort and bubble the subject of the painting, if you will.

So distort your face (fisheye style), or capture the teeming redwood forest behind you (via wide angle), or zero in on your blackhead pimple for inspection (macro is for microscopic views after all, folks).


If you are of the opinion that those taking selfies should first be tarred and feathered, the Olloclip will give the user a beautiful wide angle shot of the surrounding mountains, the raving crowd of Frankenstein haters, and the woman just coming into the frame carrying the wooden barrel of tar over her head to dispose of on the tour guide’s head after they stop for the fiftieth time to capture their own photograph.

For just shy of eighty bones, the 1.3 ounce Olloclip gives the iPhone 6 some professional photography tools without the hassle of lugging a DSLR around your neck, like a millstone.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy, an iPad or an older iPhone, Olloclip has other models for you too.

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