ReveaLED II Night Vision UV Flash Light Plugs In Phone

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So whether you are a forensics detective or just a CSI fan with a smartphone, the ReveaLED II Night Vision UV Flash Light commands a bright UV presence for taking photographs.


Simply take the tiny square light and plug in.

Where do you insert it? Well you should know the answer to that of course . . . into the headphone jack of your iPhone or iPad!

Take out the case of brews and your best buds around the campsite, and show off the nocturnal wildlife.

As you come screaming back to them through the woods to the campfire, and they all laugh accordingly, at least you will have some great footage of the scorpion-eating owl, as it got pissed off at your interference and went after you, like the bald eagle attacking Trump’s face.


The list of users continues onward beyond your camping shenanigans, as Photographers and Filmmakers, Researchers, Scientists or Medical professionals, Hunters and Wildlife Observers, and Inquisitive Students and Adults who love Black Light Parties in college (or out of it) get in on this easy to use phenom.

This ReveaLED has already been on the market but the new Kickstarter campaign made significant upgrades for both professionals and amateurs alike.

The ReveaLED II Night Vision UV Flash Light contains the most powerful synchronized 370nm UV LED flash light for smartphones, according to ReveaLED.

But now you can also use it as a quick add-on flash for your DSLR camera as well.

The improved design has enhanced focus, wavelength, and brightness, as well as a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is good for two hours straight of video or about 1000 flashes of stills.

Now folks, there is one $32 Kickstarter special left on this bad boy so get to it before the ReveaLED II Night Vision UV Flash Light is gone (or at least more expensive)!

Rave parties are not included.

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