Switchblade Hub Adds Bluetooth HDMI Stand To Nintendo Switch

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Switchblade Hub adds Bluetooth HDMI Stand to Nintendo Switch, and so the few weak points of Nintendo’s flagship console are swept away easily and inexpensively.

Yes, the cruise bar table, while the place is devoid of patrons, is perfect for setting up the Switch’s built-in stand and for some Mario Kart Spouse Edition.

Wives do so relish the opportunity to mop the floor with their husbands in a game.

So, the dutiful husband agrees to liven up the early evening deadened bar scene with a battle mode of epic proportions.

But there are a couple of problems.

Switchblade Hub in action

For one thing, that damn plastic foot tab will separate your fingernails from your cuticles while you attempt to extend the stand.

Fast forward to the turtle shell hurling.

The Nintendo Switch does include two working controllers, a gorgeous screen, and all that is needed to play a fully-fledged console video game anywhere.

But then every time the bartender brings another Scotch flight and, with a clunk, places the five short glasses on the table the damn thing falls over.

You take a dram, and then a big wave rocks the boat slightly and BAM you’ve just wasted your red shell and you are officially doomed, as the system falls over again.

The Switchblade Hub is the affordable solution to not spilling drinks in horror as you reach to pick up the console.

Switchblade Hub Bluetooth HDMI Stand For Nintendo Switch

For less than fifty bucks USD, you get a heavy-duty case – and joycon guards – with a Swiss Army Knife of built-in goodies, including, you guessed it, folks, a damn sturdy stand!

Since the Nintendo brand dock is essential for playing on the big screen TV’s everywhere too, you have to unplug four different plugs (more if you are me and have the 4-player Gamecube controller adapter in there as well) in a knot of wires, including the ever elusive USB-not-quite-C wire to the power adaptor.

Basically when you have your home base, you want to leave the dock, you do not want to take it with you on the road to the hotel or Air B&B’s TV, because then you have to go home and try to reach behind your TV stand and hook it back up.

Charging the device is tough, and docking tougher unless you have a Switchblade Hub.

This thing provides an HDMI cable and a power cable hookup in the easily accessible top of the case.

Up to now, knock-off docks have been bricking (or burning) Nintendo Switch’s left and right because of their slightly modified USB-C charging ports (illegal, no?), but the word on that is out and the Switchblade Hub gives you the power you need, the stability, the HD capability and more!

Switchblade Hub with HDMI, USB-C, and USB-A for Nintendo Switch

Where else has the Switch fallen behind the times?

In sound! There is no Bluetooth setup to naturally hook up wireless headphones, an external speaker, or to sync up with your car’s stereo on a road trip (not meant for the driver, I got in trouble with that!).

If it is a portable powerhouse it needs to access Bluetooth accessories, and the Switchblade Hub does some magic here to allow this.

They tap directly into the board to ensure a reliable Bluetooth 5.0 connection.

Fifty bucks and you have magic in your hands.

This bad boy was funded by a frenzy of gamers in September at IndieGogo, and the campaign is selling like hotcakes!

There is even a package that includes for another $17 bones (or $66.90 USD) a custom carry case that looks rigid and tough like my current one at home, yet this allows for the Switchblade Hub to stay on the system and it fits in the portable attache case.

Go get one and feel like James Bond already (at least before your girlfriend pushes your Donkey Kong off a cliff).

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