Baby Mop Onesie: iLetThemClean Is A Baby Not A Bot

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Baby Mop Onesie: iLetThemClean Is A Baby Not A Bot, and accept no substitutes when it comes to cleaning your floors, because that iRobot will not get into everything, but you know they will!

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Simply apply the Baby Mop Onesie to your child.

There are no buttons to press, arguably no batteries to charge.

And because you combine your toddler’s crawling time, a recreational activity, with their working time, it is technically not breaking any child labor laws.

They’re not prisoners! They are kids exploring the outer reaches of their imagination.

Take a Swiffer duster and add some microfiber and soft non-scratching cotton, and your baby will feel comfy as they start to ransack your home.

My daughter gets into everything she can reach.

And she is currently in a roll until she gets there phase that I believe precedes crawling.

Either way, she will get the job done and cover some ground, collecting the many dust bunnies, Mum Mum crumbs, and Da Da crumbs gently within the puffy and soft padded mop-like devices that hang to and fro on the onesie.

Baby Mop has the best description on Amazon of its thirty dollar mark of genius:

“Witness the moment when a person becomes useful the first time in its life.”

Are we really going to rely on the iRobot apocalypse, folks?

Because those bots will only go for so long before realizing they are slaves to our will and the bot revolution starts up an Isaac Asimov scenario.

Our kids are going to roll, crawl, thump, rock, walk, and stomp on all of our surfaces regardless of whether or not they are wearing a Baby Mop.

We can just take advantage of their exploratory anarchistic philosophy as their budding brains develop alongside their motor controls.

By the time they realize they should not be wearing a onesie and cleaning all the time, they will be eighteen and getting out of the house anyway (at which point I may don the Baby Mop for the sheer lazy efficiency of it).

What is the biggest size this comes in?

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