iRobot Looj The Gutter Cleaning Robot

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The guys over at iRobot aren’t just cleaning floors anymore, they have now figured out a way to solve one of life’s worst chores as well. The Looj gutter cleaning robot will clear out a 60 foot section of shmoot clogged gutters in just 10 minutes.

No longer will weekend warriors have to precariously hang from roofs or repetitively climb and move their extension ladders. With the help of iRobot all they have to do is simply climb up once, insert the robot, and sit back while it flings leaves and pine cones at 500 RPM’s.

The price of this tank treaded beast ranges anywhere from $99 to $169 and works with any standard K-style, aluminum, copper, metal or vinyl gutters.

Now if iRobot could just come up with a robot to clean up all of the crap the Looj just flung from our gutters, I would really be impressed.

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