Pocket Shot Survival Kit Touts Fishing & Small Game Hunting

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Pocket Shot Survival Kit touts fishing & small game hunting, and this outdoors tool set boldly pulls it off all while stylishly fitting in your pocket.

Pocket Shot Survival Kit

Who would have thought it possible to have the ability to hunt walkers, fish, make fire, and have a GPS all within your pocket?

Pocket Shot Survival Kit comes in brandishing survival in a puck!

As the zombie pandemic spreads, scratch that (this is not I Am Legend), as the zombie apocalypse nears, a pocket-sized survival kit is a necessity.

And while many may lean on battery packs in case of emergency, being prepared to go offline, analog if you will, is the only proven path to surviving all of the raving human beings, I mean zombies, traipsing the streets and woods.

Pocket Shot Survival Kit Portable Case

For about a pound of heft in the hand, I look at the list of everything the Pocket Shot includes and it still has me surprised.

Pocket Shot Survival Kit Conents

The design and careful planning behind the Pocket Shot combines the ability to sling projectiles at 350 feet-per-second with flint, tinder, a compass hiding a flat-edged knife, fishing line, hooks, and even ball bearing balls, or BB’s, whatever you want to call this little squirrel killers.

At $35, this tiny zippered hockey puck of a survival kit fits in your pocket (though it is a little wider than a single puck).

survival kit compass clip

My biggest drawback is the WARNING: this product contains natural rubber latex, and that is only because I am allergic to latex

The sling part is what those of you with an allergy, like mine, will want to handle with gloves on, or hand to your wife to do the killing part, while you fasten the rubber worm and flies to the hooks (flies not included, but the worm is!).

The Pocket Shot’s plastic handle feels sturdy, like PVC fittings, and the case padding is sturdier still.

The cotton flint makes for fairly easy pyrotechnics, and the compass is tiny and accurate enough to make sure you avoid your wife, I mean, the pack of zombies you heard were just south of you.

And if you like to hunt bigger game or bigger fish, by bow or rod, there are significant upgrades in the $100 PRO Arrow Kit and the Bow Fishing Kit ($210.00 – $225.00).

Pocket Shot Survival Kit everything you need to survive

Though I only had the Pocket Shot Survival Kit to test with a hands-on review (no animals or wives were maimed in the testing of this product), I can only imagine how strong and efficient the other kits are.

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