Sonny: Portable Bidet For Eco-Conscious Toilet Party

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Sonny: portable bidet for eco-conscious toilet party using what the company Sonny claims is “the iPod Nano of butts.”

Let every toilet time become a fire-hose blast of clean refreshment!

This IndieGogo funded innovation brings bathroom pleasure, or eco-conscious behavior, to a whole new level.

We can only imagine what the world would have been like if Austin Powers had not come out yet and the main character had time to thoroughly “explore the creative space” with Sonny.

And the optimism that Sonny brings in verbiage it really brings in the environmentalist-at-heart functionality.

Sonny is roughly the size of a Harry Potter wand.

The design is sleek and the casing made of the iPod Nano-like brushed silvery-steel.

Sonny portable bidet, bidet,

And that little wand packs a few weeks worth of toilet-paper replacing water blasts from a truly portable bidet.

I know what you are thinking: a bidet is a rich man’s game; a bidet is for those not willing to wipe their own arse.

But the benefits of the bidet are actually pretty damn extraordinary, and as gadgets go, this one is as efficient and effective as they come.

Sonny is $99, refills after each use, or butt blast (whatever you want to call it).

It could not be easier to open, fill, charge, or clean the interchangeable nozzle head, which is antibacterial by the way.

You have two settings: normal and high-pressure (for all of you bathroom freaks out there).

And despite running a small stream of water, the Sonny unit saves 1,739 Gallons of water per year.

Where, do you ask?

I know I had to ask.

Well water is used to make actual toilet paper – you know, that hipster retro stuff you wipe your bum with.

By eliminating paper waste and water waste, not to mention saving our sewage systems from the millions of dollars of damage they sustain each year in the US alone from morons that flush disposable wipes (that clearly say on the box not to flush), Sonny vastly improves on the waste factor of the world.

And let’s face it, we all make waste . . . every day.

Waste may not go away from our lives altogether, but Sonny can at least wash it away from our posteriors anywhere and everywhere!

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