SolarCru: Smallest Lightest Foldable Solar Panel Charger

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SolarCru: smallest lightest foldable solar panel charger has funded on Kickstarter, unlocking the Upgraded SolarCru with a 2000 MAH battery that is ours for the taking!

SolarCru is pocket-sized, but packs a punch.

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For phones, tablets, power banks and anything else short of a computer that can feed off a USB output, this compact solar panel charger quickly and easily offers up free juice.

He weighs in at just 0.7 lbs with the battery.

And his reach is far!

SolarCru, solar panel, solar panel charger, power bank, solar power bank, kickstarter

One SolarCru can charge a brick of an iPhone in just 2.75 hours, a drained power bank in 2.5 hours, and a dead of a tablet in 7.5 hours.

For $34 on Kickstarter you can have one with a battery pack.

Daisy chain three SolarCru’s and see your phone fully charge, and spitting out GIF’s to your bored friends, in an hour.

Now I know what you are thinking: for the outdoorsmen (and women) hiking with the Gandalf staffs (walking sticks) through far reaching Utah mountain trails before camping within a ravine amidst a rising river and a backdrop of striated rock walls to stretch out and soak up the sun, the SolarCru is fine, but what about the city dweller, the concrete jungle brethren, or those in Seattle or London waiting for sun that may never arrive?

He has your back (literally!).

Like the advanced tech providing powerful solar cells on houses all over the world, the SolarCru too can charge on a cloudy day.

And with its tiny size and lightweight frame, it easily hooks to a backpack or briefcase.

Hell, you could use a bungee cord as a necklace and walk around with the SolarCru as chest and back armor feeding a powerful wire to whatever thirsty electronic device is in your pocket.

At eighteen inches long when unfurled and 9.6 inches wide, you can sport it as the new green tee on the block.

For the inexpensive price, the tough water and scratch resistant panels and canvas body are a steal!

To keep it as versatile as possible, the SolarCru sports a built-in IC chip to identify just what the hell you have decided to plug into its port – Bluetooth speakers and iPads have radically different amperages to run off of, after all – and then the SolarCru automatically sets the correct energy output to maximize battery life and prevent overloading in not just the solar charger, but in your devices too.


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  1. I backed this device on Kickstarter and after some updates indicating that production was complete and some redesigning, they were ready to ship in August 2019. I, along with well over 2500 backers, have not received our Solar Cru product and have not had any updates since August 2019. Kickstart will not do anything to contact Solar Cru or help to refund us. Its a scam. Don’t back this product.


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