GoldEye Bar Solar Bank Powers Laptops, Phones, Cars, Boats!

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The GoldEye Bar solar power bank is a portable battery pack capable of simultaneously charging all manner of laptops, electronics like phones, as well as jump-starting electric devices, like cars and boats!

GoldEye Bar may be the most versatile charging power bank ever created.

She is multi-functional, meaning there are a lot of nifty ports.

GoldEye Bar Solar Bank Powers Laptops, Phones, Cars, Boats!

And the ports are safely set up for all types of electric-based technology and devices, both old and new.

Just plug into her port and enjoy (no metaphor intended).

For something so small, the GoldEye Bar packs a lot of juice, up to 19 volts worth, into its 17850mAh capacity battery.

Go for a stroll flashing the solar panels or let this sleek bar sit in a sunny windowsill and it will fully power up in two days via the sun alone.

The charge lasts for months, and the flashlight can go for a full 40 hours.

If you want to charge her quickly, a car charger or wall adaptor allows for a 30 minute quickie.

So what exactly does this little device that is roughly the size of two old Kindles stacked atop one another have?

First, the GoldEye (sounds a lot like GoldenEye, which is pretty Bond-esque in terms of gaining credit from the “Q” Branch in my book) is a 4-in-1 cool gadget containing a power bank, solar charger, jump starter / car booster and an LED flashlight in one compact bar.

GoldEye Bar Solar Bank Powers Laptops, Phones, Cars, Boats!

Second there are two Safe (5V 2.1A) USB-C ports for use with low power consumption devices, such as smartphones and some tablets.

And then there is a custom genius of a port, the Out Notch Port, which gives a range of higher voltages (12V/2.0A; 16V/3.5A; 19V/3.5A) to laptops or any high-powered devices with a USB or charging cable. The direct DC current add speeds to the powering process too, making this little gal a powerhouse of efficiency.

If you get the “First Batch” package for a discounted $179 US, plus shipping, from Indiegogo, you get an array of cables to fit a dozen computers and devices.

And that includes jumper cables for those motorcycles, cars, scooters, and even diesel and gas powered boats that you can fire up with the GoldEye Bar.

I am banking on this one!

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