Hands On Review: Micflip Fully Reversible Micro USB Cable


Micflip is the world’s first fully reversible micro USB cable, and after popular demand and a boatload of crowdfunding, Gadizmo received one to test for our Hands On Review.


It is hard to fathom none of the electronics giants creating this.

But there you have it, after many public poles, the gurus over at Winnergear determined the people, the masses wanted two things:

  1. a cable that could be plugged in no matter what damn way it faced the female port
  2. a strong cable that would not easily break under the rigors of the typical electronics user (normal people ignorant of the fragility of many components)

Thus, the 1120% of Micflip funds raised on Indiegogo.

The Micflip is actually pretty extraordinary for a cable, which admittedly is not always the most exhilarating of topics to broach.

Micflip is light, but very sturdy in the hand.


The corrosion resistant gold-coated hardware ensures a connection to micro USB devices without any issue, regardless of how many times I plug it in and turn it over to plug it in with the other side (which is quite fun, actually).

It is very satisfying as an avid techie to be able to blindly plug the Micflip into the ready and willing female, regardless of which side completes the insertion.

Come at her from any angle (or really two angles, instead of one).

The actual Micflip connector casings are made with aluminum enclosures, light and strong, like adamantium, for all of you Wolverine fans out there.

The cable itself is one meter long and braided to be both tangle free and posable if you want to make a Micflip balloon animal (check out my Mothra).


Get the Micflip on Indiegogo for $15 a pop and stuff that stocking!

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  1. Buyer Beware!! They will take your money and not ship. My Order#13487537 was purchased in September and they’ve lied about it being in the mail and stated they would resend only to do nothing and then stop responding all together. They have been reported to Indiegogo and I am in the process of reporting them to the authorities. It’s going to be difficult because they are shipping from outside the US, but I think it is worth the effort to stop these criminals.


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