Roll Them As Needed: Engineer’s “Excuse” Dice

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Rarely has a set of dice ever been a necessity at the work place, but the Engineer’s “Excuse” Dice is the new must-have.


Forget for a minute all sense of humor.

If the project you are developing, contributing to, or are headlining goes awry, take the pair in your hand and roll them as needed.

The first die has the six most common problems that occur on engineering projects, while the equally impactful second die has the six most common excuses for those problems.

If you are busy at work on a super collider, smashing atoms to bits to resolve the mysteries of the birth of the universe, like they do at CERN, or if you are just a simple coding person trying to execute your project without eating flak en masse, the Engineer’s “Excuse” Dice is the handy and instantaneous answer.

Oh your web site is missing features?

Well I am sorry, but (after rolling the dice) our budget has already been used up; there must have been “bad communication” between teams, because now the “cost overruns.”

The solution is always in your hand!

Just think on the engineering end, listen to the complaint, and let those six-sided dice roll!

The Engineer’s “Excuse” Dice is fully funded on Kickstarter and you can get a pair of these quintessential dice for $6 US.

There is even a “Solution Die Add-on” to bring a 3rd die with more answers to those blood-curdling questions from the boss.

Is that timeline not working out for you, Brookhaven National Laboratory?

I am sorry, but – shake, shake, roll – it seems that due to “poor requirements” on the existing foundation, we are “behind schedule.”


There were clearly “too many bugs” due to a “feature creep” (whatever the hell that means; come on, engineers comment in).

What else can I say?


The Engineer’s “Excuse” Dice speak for me now.

Keep calm and engineer on.

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