LuminAID Lantern & Floatation Device is a Solar Life Saver

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Emergency survival packs need to be portable, lift-able, and useful, as in life saving, and the folding LuminAID lantern and float achieves all of these goals and more.


Zombie apocalypse be damned; we got this!

Seven hours of direct sunlight will give a LuminAID sixteen hours of luminescence and a charge that will last for a full year in storage.

Let’s just say the walking dead (or walking alive office zombies) decide to start rampaging and eating brains. And we all know this is an inevitable scenario.

So the infrastructure of the world quickly breaks down, and each person is responsible for his or her own survival or painful death.


Maybe you need to attract attention to a pink colored tie wearing former boss so that they head in the direction away from your kids; the solution is to put the LuminAID on its flashing setting and let it strobe away on the rain-filled top of a nearby oil drum so that the zombie boss can rot as it stares in fascination.

There are actually four light settings, and the power button lets you cycle through [them to save power or read, as you like]:

  • Low: 16 hours at 20 lumens
  • Medium: 10 hours at 35 lumens (recommended for general use)
  • High: 6 hours at 45 lumens
  • Flashing: 32 hours at 20 lumens

The semi-transparent float is made of TPU, which diffuses light, and it can be inflated via a bite valve to expand its reach or to save someone’s ass in a flood or drowning situation.

Yet the LuminAID is light, at 2.9 ounces, and can fold up to practically nothing for easy packing in an EDC (every day carry) essentials kit.


This bad boy is waterproof, which is good since it floats, and can light up a 125 square foot space, which is pretty darn impressive considering its size and solar capabilities.

Should the world not turn to mush due to a zombie apocalypse (highly unlikely), the LuminAID is a kick ass $24.99 pool light for night-time floating.

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