Pizza Ax With Viking Runes Proves I’m Doing Dinner Wrong

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Pizza Ax with Viking runes proves I’m doing dinner wrong, and it is time to upgrade from that cute little wheel that, despite its heft, is maddeningly inefficient at cutting slices from your pie.

So much thought has gone into this particular Pizza Ax that it is worth importing from the U.K.

pizza ax, raven forge, viking

The Vikings must have left their mark in England, not just in terms of battle tactics, but also literal marks in the food.

Let me give you a scenario: you have bought a large, heavy-duty pizza wheel cutter, and you take this impressive looking piece of kitchenware to your pie.

The light gleams from the steel wheel as it slices right across the entire pizza in one clean cut.

pizza ax, raven forge, viking

But alas, upon attempting the second cut the blade keeps getting stopped and jarringly – and begrudgingly it seems – barely makes it across for a second cut.

You look and the works are jammed full of meatball, cheese, and sauce.

A quick brush of the hand to free the wheel and OUCH!

The hot pizza particles bite back.

Cutting the rest of the pie is a bi- er, it is not fun. And then the worst part comes later as the caked on cheese cools when you try to clean the damn thing and the sauce and mozzarella do not budge.

We can do as our ancestors did: we can do better.

pizza ax, raven forge, viking

Behold, the ultimate pizza cutter, designed and made solely for Raven Forge to be the final form of all pizza cutters. The holy hand grenade of pizza cutters. []

“One, two, four! – no, wait – three!” And launch the Pizza Ax, just like the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, toward the steaming pie to vanquish the foe that is in this case the smoldering cheese, meatballs, and sauce that clogs up the typical pizza cutter’s wheel.

Raven Forge has carefully thought of everything.

Not only does the Pizza Ax feather over 8 inches (22cm) of blade length to easily cross from one edge of the pie to the other, they built this specifically to work like an ulu knife eliminating the pizza cutters clogging and inefficiency thereafter.

It is a sharp blade made of 440 stainless steel tested to standup to rigorous pizzas with little maintenance.

The blade bears Viking elder futhark runes spelling “Raven Forge.”

The handle is made of English ash with a light burn to show the gorgeous grain of the wood.

pizza ax, raven forge, viking

The 75 pounds this costs is truly an invaluable lifetime investment.

And this ax is just plain fun!

Keep it in your belt for a home security option!

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