Fotokite Phi is a Picture Taking Quadcopter on a Leash



When a selfie stick is too short and you don’t have the joystick skills to steadily fly a drone, launch Fotokite Phi into the sky and grab a shot from a whole new angle.

What makes Fotokite unique is its 8 meters of retractable tether — that’s 26.2467 feet for us nonconforming dummies. The tether allows the device to not only know where it is and maintain stability but, it also makes flying it a relatively simple task.


At the base of the tether is a gesture based control that allows the user to point the camera up, down, left, and right for a clear view of the surrounding landscape. The device also features on-board sensors that measure your location relative to the Fotokite so the faithful pet always stays by your side.


The 11.1V USB rechargeable LiPo battery should (they’re working on it) provide 15 minutes of photo grabbing flight time. When you’re done flying, the Fotokite folds up and stores in a handy Pringles style carrying case.

The kit comes complete with a ready to fly Fotokite, smart leash, battery, case, and USB cable – you bring your own GoPro. What does it cost? Currently $269 will get your foot in the door but, the early bird specials at Indiegogo are selling out quickly.

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2 Responses to “Fotokite Phi is a Picture Taking Quadcopter on a Leash”

  1. I cant wait for all the selfie stick people start aimlessly walking around these things and getting them wrapped up in power lines, trees, and hopefully, each other.

  2. This looks very handy! But I wonder whether it is really efficient to replace the selfie sticks? Not to mention people have the general ability to misuse things so I won’t be surprised if some tourists would try to capture a selfie and then play with it at the same time!


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