Beer Ripples Adds Shamrocks In Time For St. Patrick’s Day!

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Beer Ripples adds shamrocks in time for St. Patrick’s Day with the innovative foodie 3-d printing gurus Ripples’ brand spankin’ new malt-based ink.

Beer Ripples, Shamrocks, St. Patrick’s Day, beer, Guinness

As of yesterday bars, restaurants, and coffeehouses can craft a high-resolution image in the foam atop the brew!

If you have not had the pleasure of visiting Dublin and Ireland’s haloed Guinness brewery, you likely have never seen a shamrock painted in the head of your beer.

Beer Ripples, Shamrocks, St. Patrick’s Day, beer, Guinness

If you have seen fancy company logos in coffee before then you likely came across a Ripples product.

Their specialty is delivering hi-res touchscreen countertop Ripples devices to let anyone give a food-grade sign.

Now it is well worth your while to travel to the green country of pleasant Irish folks and taste the famous Guinness draught on tap with the secret formula inducing just the right amount of nitrogen into the keg’s system to give you the perfectly smooth deliciousness.

But today, of all days, is St. Patty’s Day, and Beer Ripples can let anyone make intricately detailed messages on their beer.

Beer Ripples allows you to load an image and within a minute of touchscreen presses say: ‘I Love You, Beer’ with a heart and fancy script in your beer foam.

The awesomeness of Beer Ripples’ attention to detail comes across in the malt-colored ink that blends in perfectly with the beer.

Beer Ripples, Shamrocks, St. Patrick’s Day, beer, Guinness

Shamrock everyone all month, every March, and let your restaurant be the next Dublin hotspot, as you hook craft beer drinkers with Beer Ripples’ foam-messages.

Life is too boring to allow my wife and friends to only laugh at the foamy beer mustache I repeatedly attain while quaffing my Murphy’s Irish Stout today (I cannot seem to avoid it).

Beer Ripples, Shamrocks, St. Patrick’s Day, beer, Guinness

Instead, they’ll be laughing at me plus the Gadizmo logo that Beer Ripples reflects in my pints’ foam!

The only downside with Beer Ripples is that it is a commercial item; that is an upside for business owners but makes it pricey for the average consumer (unless your beer budget is like mine).

Beer Ripples, Shamrocks, St. Patrick’s Day, beer, Guinness

Beer Ripples is available as of yesterday in the U.S. and Canada for $3,000 with an annual subscription fee of $1,500 to cover all consumables (malt-ink) for up to 6,000 prints, as well as customer service support and even advice on the best content plans.

That is 6000 prints! What a gadget, eh?

Beer Ripples is a Wi-Fi enabled machine that measures at its base a small 8.5” x 10.5” footprint, the high quality images print in just 11 seconds, and she supports glasses up to seven inches tall.

Let’s toast to Beer Ripples and everyone a Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Gadizmo!

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