Kingii: the Smallest Inflatable in the World of Water Safety

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Rest assured that big things do come in small packages, such as the Kingii water safety floatation device that hoists up any sinking human with the release of a float from a small wristband.

The life vest has been a staple of our joyous water sports (please no sniggering, folks) for decades, if not centuries.

Innovation has finally stricken with the Kingii!

For all of the surfers, snorkelers, white water rapid chasers, boat captains and even children learning to swim, the life vest has been both cumbersome (getting in the way more often than not), uncomfortable and oh so ugly.

The heavy raft is filled with your companions, warriors of the raging river, and the white water rapids swell to level three and four danger zones as you are jostled about steering yourselves down the river and away from tumultuous boulders and death.

By banking at the right turns and furiously paddling you have been able to keep the raft from overturning – a scenario that would send everyone flying into the water like wash in a dryer to be dangerously bashed about painfully – but when you go to drive momentum the damn life vest keeps restricting your chest and arm’s ability to paddle fast enough.

Now if you were to eliminate that life vest it would be very dangerous and not recommended, unless you had an alternative such as the Kingii.

The Kingii is tiny, non-invasive, reliable and most importantly has an unobtrusive design providing safety in the water in a convenient way.

This little wristwatch-like device has a compass, in case zombies over turn the boat and the world, it has a HELP whistle, and with one tug on the tab, a CO2 cartridge inflates the miniature life float bag damn near instantaneously.

And the Kingii is reusable!

Just reload the CO2 and fold up the bag for another safe and fun time on the water.

This Indiegogo has been funded 874% and for just $79 you can get your own prototype Kingii!

Rock on, brah!

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