MOCACARE’s Tiny MOCAheart Measures Heart Health In 30 Seconds

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Our Hands-on Review grabbed a hold of MOCACARE’s tiny MOCAheart device that measures heart health from your palm in thirty seconds or less.


Though it is not exactly a wearable, the MOCAheart is so small it could easily be worn on your person in an iPod Mini case.

We are talking about an extremely lightweight gadget for placing your thumb down and quickly measuring your heart rate, blood oxygen level, and an easy to understand indicator of overall cardiovascular health called the MOCAindex — a qualitative measurement of blood flow that is correlated to blood pressure.


The days of Bone’s scanner on Star Trek are becoming reality (even with the disappointing differences between our 2015 and Doc’s in Back To The Future Part II).

There is no easier way to measure your cardiovascular health.

Simply download the App from MOCA for your iOS or Android device. Then open the app, put in your age, sex, weight, height, whether or not you drink (why YES I do) or smoke, and wave the MOCAheart near the phone when directed.


It will automatically sync, and you can then press down on the MOCAheart for ten to thirty seconds until it is finished measuring your heart through fingertip thumb scans.

That’s it.

Push down, and, like magic, you have data!


The MOCAheart’s sophisticated algorithms measure the user’s blood flow velocity to determine the heart rate and the blood oxygen levels; important stuff considering Halloween is coming up and Dracula wants a healthy source of food.

The MOCAheart keeps track of each of your scans and shows the time, date, and results, such as my “2” Ideal rating, with a heart rate of 56 bpm and a blood oxygen of 99%.


As you scan more and more, there is a “Trends” section that shows graphs of your health from day-to-day to infinity and beyond.

The MOCAheart app makes it easy to share your heart data with your doctor and loved ones, and you can beam messages, pictures, and yes, even creepy audio clips to accompany your measurements. MUHAHA

For those in need of easy access to heart health data on a frequent basis or those who just want to ensure their health stays on the up and up, the MOCAheart is quite an ingeniously useful servant.

You can easily add notes to each result, as well as set reminders, and keep a full record of your medical history for easy retrieval from your smartphone (i.e. allergies, asthma, or custom factors), or sync with Apple Health (for iPhone users) instantaneously.

The only tribulation I can see from using this is that the MOCAheart recommends calibration once every six months using a blood pressure device (or a clinic or pharmacy).

But this is only to ensure it retains its accuracy, which is great to have to keep the medical results standard as precise as possible.

The convenience of this tiny MOCAheart is pretty amazing, even at $149 big ones.

Charge with a micro-USB (included) and enjoy the medical-grade stainless steel front, and customized colors for the PVC back.

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