Hands On Review: the Striking Sound of Polk’s Striker ZX

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Xbox One gamers, the Striker ZX full immersion gaming headset has broken onto the scene with the terrific sound you come to expect from the legendary audio gurus at Polk.


It might be in the home, it might be in the office building with the doors closed, but either way you are uncovering the secret cabinet drawer and booting up an Xbox One to play a multi-player F.P.S. and go ballistic on your friends and colleagues.

There is only one problem: you need to yell taunts (or obscenities) at your buddies, and you want to hear the gameplay without alerting the sleeping toddler or office manager in the next room.

Well plug these headphones into your wireless controller and go as loud as you want, with instant muting capability for when you think the wife is coming down the hall to ambush your mission.


The Polk Striker ZX fits snugly on the ears and can go LOUD!

These headphones feel comfortable on the ears, with large ear cups and cut out a good amount of outside peripheral noise.

They also pivot to be very flexible while moving your head or taking them off.


The Polk Striker’s crystal clear sound resonates the high and low ranges alike, with striking (pun me another one, will you) sound that BOOMS explosions from Call of Duty, while sending sharp, high laser noises from Master Chief in an equally impressive fashion.

This light, yet sturdy, set of headphones are designed with a Polk engineered wireless adapter for the Xbox One that doubles as a remote to give you volume and mute capabilities from the base of the Microsoft controller.


And I will repeat, the sound quality is outstanding.


The Polk Striker ZX is selling for just shy of ninety dollars American, and you can use these as regular headphones if you like, as the cord is forty inches long and standard headphone size.

I even tested an audiobook and was rocking!

CoeLux Nanotechnology Produces Artificial Skylights with Built-in Sun?

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In an unprecedented display of ingenuity, CoeLux has harnessed nanotechnology to craft LED fixture models that resemble skylights or windows with a frighteningly realistic sun shining through.

Stop slaving away in that basement dungeon you call an office!

Remodel your space to an overhead CoeLux skylight or a wall window so that the illusion of a sun is streaming light into your formerly dim quagmire of an office.

And I have to love CoeLux’s web site disclaimer:

Caution: the photographs on this site are real and unretouched. They are not computer renderings.

Take a cramped studio apartment in Brooklyn and place overhead an immense seeming skylight that transports you back to your trek through the scalding sun in the jungle of Mayan ruins.

The CoeLux takes the illusion of the sun in eastern Mexico and splashes it down onto your floor and your myriad bookshelves, art easels, and empty Peter Pan Bakery boxes.

These windows make it seem as though there is an awful lot more room in any space, and this is due to the fact that you appear to see out of a window, while an LED and nanotech fed faux sunlight is what is really gracing your walls and floor.

Now before you get too excited, there is currently no ultraviolet light emitted from these units that would give you the effect of having been under actual sunlight, though that would be truly bad-ass in the future.

For those currently up to their elbows in many feet of snow in the US, the CoeLux cannot replenish your vitamin D or cure your seasonal depression.

CoeLux does match the wavelength coming from their LED’s to that of the sun’s to emit something that looks like sunlight. And seeing is believing.

The windows are millimeters thick plastic filled with nano particles, and no, CoeLux is not sharing how they came up with that tech, folks!

Know that Mediterranean, Nordic, and Tropical units are available with contrasting effects in the angle of the sun and the coolness.

CoeLux’s inventor, Professor Paolo Di Trapani, explains his artistic approach: “Objects are illuminated by the direct and warm light of the sun, which casts their sharp shadows,” he says. “However, these shadows are not just dark, or grey, but bluish as in nature from being under the diffused light of the sky.”

I want five of these, but alas, they currently run light fiends tens of thousands of dollars.

iPin Laser Presenter Is Plug-and-play with Virtually No Setup

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This Indiegogo crowdfunding smash-hit, the iPin, gives the seminar speaker a laser pointer and a presentation clicker on their own phone to perform wireless presentations.


Now what did Dr. Evil want in a successful evil organization?

An easy to use functioning laser system, and in particular . . . “frickin’ sharks with frickin’ laser beams” and they are now available thanks to the iPin working iOS and Android alike.

Collaborating with Conary Enterprise, the company behind the original iPin for iPhone, HYPER by Sanho Corporation jointly developed the new iPin for Android and the added powerhouse BTtogo.

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Nothing But Air Needed To Raise Standing/Sitting TableAir Desk

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The Star Trek Enterprise of office adjustable “standing and sitting” desks is here in the TableAir.


Push a button and hold your hand at the level you want the TableAir’s motors to seamlessly bring the desk to.

Hubah, hubah, hubah! This desk is sleek, sexy, and packing enough tech to do a moon launch.

And it takes little more than a hand in the air to operate, though smartphone programming for your own remote controlled adjustable desk comes with her too.

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Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Claptrap-in-a-Box Edition Adds a Robot

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Take the highly successful Borderlands series last two game installments, recreate them in high definition, and throw in a limited Claptrap, and you have one hell of a robot connoisseur’s holy grail in Borderlands: The Handsome Collection – Claptrap-in-a-Box Edition.


Am I dreaming?

Wait, what’s that they’re saying over at Gearbox?

Introducing the CL4P-TP steward robot, from your friends at Hyperion! 

Claptrap is officially real and is rolling into walls courtesy of your own remote control ClaptrApp App.

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JACK Is Ultimate In Wireless Guitar Using Uncompressed Wi-Fi!

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The craftsmen at Ingenious Audio have funded their Kickstarter campaign for JACK, the amazing Wi-Fi device that allows you to connect your guitar to your amp, computer, soundboard, or phone for seamless, wireless, uncompressed audio.


Jack generates studio level quality without any routers, or cables necessary.

We are not jacking you here, folks (pun intended)!

You can patch into your soundboard or laptop directly by fastening one Jack into the female receptacle on the axe.

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Hands On: Shock, Dust & Water Proof BOOM Swimmer Bluetooth Speaker

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In short, the BOOM Swimmer Bluetooth speaker ROCKS!


Being sent a BOOM Swimmer unit to review, Gadizmo put this little guy through every rigorous test known to humankind outside of climbing in a trash compactor (do not try that at home, kids).

The speaker went through a boot camp if you will. Here is what we found:

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Lanterns Lights the Way with Outernet’s Uncensored Content for All

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The Outernet is a continuously updated archive of web content beamed from satellites to flashlight-sized Lanterns anywhere in the world for free.


Get Internet content anonymously, like listening to radio!

Free Wi-Fi may elude us for now, but anyone with a Wi-Fi enabled device can pick up incredible amounts of uncensored data with the solar powered Lantern.

No matter where you are, the Lantern feeds off of the Outernet in space and allows for the download of news, weather, books, videos, and audio for free.

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Look Up The Autonomous, Swarming, Nano Drone ZANO is Here!

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The Zano drone is built ready to film in HD from an aerial assault from an affordable price point of less than two hundred quid (169.95 in the U.K.).


Let the autonomous swarming drone spy games begin!

We have all been there: one of you is the black spy, the other the white spy, and your game of ‘hide and go seek out and destroy the heinous enemy spy with your Nerf gun’ has stymied, because you cannot find your target.

They are too quick, too sneaky, and their ability to climb trees gives them a distinct advantage (you do not climb trees for fear of getting stuck like a cat . . . again).

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Today Only: 25% Off Hurricane 2 Canless Air System

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There has never been such a need to get excited over a can-less air electronics cleaner like today as ThinkGeek has 25% off and free shipping on the Hurricane 2!


TODAY ONLY, folks.

It has long been the Holy Grail to find a can-less air sprayer that had the power and effectiveness of Dust-Off.

The Hurricane 2 Canless Air System is a portable, rechargeable miniature air compressor.

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