PLEN2 Robot is World’s First Printable Open-source Humanoid

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The world’s first 3D printable robot is here, and armies of the crafty open source PLEN2 will no doubt push humanity into a bright (and possibly creepy) future, walking hand in hand with humanoids.


By providing the software and specs, anyone with a 3D printer can fully customize their own PLEN2 bots.

You do not even have to buy the assembled PLEN2 or the assembly kit full of its parts (or have Top Secret level clearance).

What do you need to play the role of the Creator sans all knowledge of robotics?

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Geek Weekly: Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Sushi Set

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This Geek Weekly author is humbled to present a thoroughly exquisite sushi dining experience in . . . the Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Sushi Set.

Sushi bars or raw fish enthusiasts should not be without this!

Set it on your table, and it looks like a mid-warp U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 on a wooden base.

And in this small, yet exquisitely detailed set, the space pioneer in all of us can enjoy space will we taste the invigorating treasures of the sea.

Care to pass the soy sauce?

How about taking the stainless steel U.S.S. Enterprise vessel for a spin, literally, and spinning it round to face your hungry mate’s plate instead.

Sometimes amidst the bombardment of Spock’s Vulcan logic, Kirk’s disregard for the myriad engines’ technological limitations (‘Scotty, get us out of here!’), and the massively intricate surroundings aboard the ship’s command deck, Uhura needs a little simplicity to find contentment.

She escapes to her cabin and has the sushi chef present her with this set.

The thirty-five dollar Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Sushi Set lets the fish do the talking, as the minimalistic sushi bar setup allows you to stylistically consume and revel in each scrumptious bite, as the sensuous flavors mix and flow over your taste buds.

Whether you are dining at the local Japanese sushi bar and steak house, or your own home, what spicy tuna meal could be complete without a U.S.S. Enterprise soy sauce dish with the warp drive tails as BPA-free chop sticks?

Eating without this sushi set would be like conducting a voyage into deep space, getting fresh-caught and perfectly prepared and tailored sea creatures and then consuming the Godzilla rolls without the wasabi.

Beam this up for me!

Get In On The Handheld Flamethrower XM42


Fans of the Alien movies get ready to sink your claws into the XM42 Handheld Flamethrower!


This XM4w claims to be the first handheld flamethrower commercially available on the market today, though it is solely intended for entertainment and utility purposes only.

When an infestation of pesky face huggers give rise to gargantuan alien queens that are fifteen feet tall with multiple sets of protruding jaws dripping acidic saliva, the XM42 can be broken out to clear the surrounding brush or nest, if you will, for ‘utility’ purposes.

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Olloclip Gives iPhone 6 Wide Angle + Macro Lenses

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Owners of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have been raving about the camera for months now, and the Olloclip snaps over the camera to add four impressive lenses, including wide angle and macro.


There is little that the Apple 8-megapixel iSight camera lacks, but Olloclip offers a HUGE upgrade!

In seconds you can clip this light lens overtop of the iPhone, and gain four new lens options: fisheye, wide-angle, macro (10X), and macro (15X).

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WonderCube Boasts 8 Intrinsic Mobile Tools In One Cubic Inch

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Sometimes amazing things do come in tiny packages, like the WonderCube’s ridiculous ability to hide eight intrinsic mobile capabilities in one cubic inch.


Imagine one infinitesimal Swiss Army knife for your mobile!

For fans of the Borg or Techies (and Trekkies), the WonderCube brings the future of science fiction to the palm of your hand.

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Man Crates Chock Full of Retro Gamer Goodness

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The first time sticks with you, and Man Crates has stepped in to help relive that grand retro gaming experience.


Remember when the video game became so intriguing, so enthralling that an 8-bit character on the screen, named Leonardo, trumped all else.

Raphael was your favorite turtle, but the game favored the katana.

The bowling alley was packed, the shoes were returned, and all that was left was the scratched and worn panels of the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” arcade coin-op machine that gave way to hours of party on, dude! adventure.

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LuminAID Lantern & Floatation Device is a Solar Life Saver

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Emergency survival packs need to be portable, lift-able, and useful, as in life saving, and the folding LuminAID lantern and float achieves all of these goals and more.


Zombie apocalypse be damned; we got this!

Seven hours of direct sunlight will give a LuminAID sixteen hours of luminescence and a charge that will last for a full year in storage.

Let’s just say the walking dead (or walking alive office zombies) decide to start rampaging and eating brains. And we all know this is an inevitable scenario.

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PancakeBot Printer Makes World’s First Eiffel Tower Pancake

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Rejoice, oh breakfast gods, for the PancakeBot is here and batter printed Eiffel Tower pancakes have been unleashed unto the world!


Take a logo, a historic piece of intricate architecture, an origami snowflake, and make pancakes out of them with this combination 3D batter printer and griddle (yes, that’s included too, folks) robot setup.

This is not a joke. The batter is not included, despite baseball season looming, but again, this is not a joke. PancakeBot is real.

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Hands On Review: the Striking Sound of Polk’s Striker ZX

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Xbox One gamers, the Striker ZX full immersion gaming headset has broken onto the scene with the terrific sound you come to expect from the legendary audio gurus at Polk.


It might be in the home, it might be in the office building with the doors closed, but either way you are uncovering the secret cabinet drawer and booting up an Xbox One to play a multi-player F.P.S. and go ballistic on your friends and colleagues.

There is only one problem: you need to yell taunts (or obscenities) at your buddies, and you want to hear the gameplay without alerting the sleeping toddler or office manager in the next room.

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CoeLux Nanotechnology Produces Artificial Skylights with Built-in Sun?

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In an unprecedented display of ingenuity, CoeLux has harnessed nanotechnology to craft LED fixture models that resemble skylights or windows with a frighteningly realistic sun shining through.

Stop slaving away in that basement dungeon you call an office!

Remodel your space to an overhead CoeLux skylight or a wall window so that the illusion of a sun is streaming light into your formerly dim quagmire of an office.

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