MergeVR Goggles & Motion Controller Births $129 Virtual Reality

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The virtual reality rage is here and with more competition comes crafty innovation and more reasonable pricing, the sum of which equals the $129 MergeVR Goggles and Handheld Wireless VR Motion Controller!

Just how do the Buddhist monk Jedi Knights over at MergeVR make such a dirt cheap system?

Hello! They use our cellphones.

Since smartphones are everywhere, why not utilize their computing power to drastically reduce the cost of virtual reality headsets with a simple slide in option?

For iPhone (backwards compatible to the iPhone 5) and Android owners, the MergeVR system offers a means to seamlessly harness the phone within the foam headset to launch a bevy games and Apps and a virtual world with which to interact with.

Why work in the real world office dungeon when a bright window onto a three-dimensional immersive fantasy world is just a donning of the lightweight foam VR headset away?

Grasp the bosom of the realistic gaming experience and leave the bleak peeling taupe colored paint of the workplace walls behind forever, seemingly (or at least until lunch break).

Unlike many other virtual reality systems, MergeVR has spent a good deal of time and effort on building a gaming controller.

As a wireless handheld motion controller, the MergeVR is specifically designed for mobile virtual reality, lets users navigate virtual worlds with [a] wireless 9-input (8 buttons plus a thumbstick) and a 9-axis motion controller.

And to ensure the badass gaming interface is used, the MergeVR is built on the mobile gaming Unity software platform to maximize the amount of developers who will build virtual reality-based games.

The MergeVR will be freeing our minds come the fall.

Maybe we’ll finally get to go into Mario World and pat Yoshi on the head!

Password Vault Is An Offline Identity Protector

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In a world rife with nefarious Internet activity, whether by a code-hungry hacker or your own government’s Big Brother organization, the RecZone Password Vault was created to store all of our identity information and passwords securely.

What does “securely” mean exactly?

Well, the Password Vault device is completely offline for starters.

Add in up to 400 user names, passwords, ATM pin numbers and the like within the small smartphone sized piece of tech.

There is a close to fully equipped keyboard and a safety feature that will lock down the Password Vault for thirty minutes if five consecutive password tries fail.

Reach into your back pocket and remember way back before the flip phones.

It is interesting: go back twenty years ago and pocket organizers of yesteryear were all the rage until the emergence of affordable cell phone tech.

Prices on the Password Safe-like devices tanked, but a smart few hoarded the backwards, pre-wireless (before even mini USB was commonplace technology in phones and portable electronics, like cameras) dinosaur tech.

And what do you know?

This electronic device, with its crude miniature LCD display and its very limited memory capacity, and its power source that cannot be charged by any kind of USB interface, works.

Batteries are included!

Now the Password Vault makers either dusted off, did a little programming, and renamed those pocket organizers, or they just remade an ancient art for security purposes, but either way, buying a Password Vault for your credentials will cost you just shy of $60 on Amazon.

It will keep track of the myriad passwords and pins in your life and keep them in one place securely.

If only we had all hung onto those damn pocket organizers though!

Robot Chef Makes Crab Bisque For Moley Robotics

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Imagine a robot that you can teach a cooking technique to, possibly after decades of perfecting a method, so that the robot chef perfectly emulates the human chef’s dish for all of time thereafter and you have the Moley Robotics cooking revolution.


The robot chef consists of two arms and a customized kitchen built to cook from scratch in.

But can it really cook?

Well the little culinary bot perfectly constructed a delicious crab bisque in less than a half hour using the exact technique of Tim Anderson, winner of 2011’s MasterChef TV show in the U.K.

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Thermo: the World’s First Correctly Insulated Tent

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This is the world’s first correctly insulated tent by Thermo.


What exactly does ‘correctly insulated’ mean here, Thermo Tent?

Well, the groundbreaking new mobile tent promises the most comfortable outdoor sleeping experience ever with a dynamic insulation barrier for both thermal and acoustic considerations alike.

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Geek Weekly: Game Of Thrones Dragon Egg Flash Drive

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The Game Of Thrones Dragon Egg Flash Drive is a thumb drive fit for a queen Targaryen sitting erect atop the Iron Throne.


Geek Weekly has found this 8 GB waterproof Dragon Egg Drive to give birth to all the teeth that information transfers can provide.

I want a dragon egg in my pocket!

Oh, you were hoping that cracking open this Dragon Egg USB drive would give birth to a live dragon, were you? Me too.

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Roll Over the RadRover Electric Fat Bike

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The RadRover Electric Fat Bike combines bodacious on and off road ebiking with the tires and Samsung 48 volt battery to back it up.


Go fat or go home!

The fat bike craze has been seizing myriad persons and off road enthusiasts all over the world, as it makes for biking on the beach, swiping by on snow or churning through muddy trails for a true all weather, all terrain bicycle.

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$50 Drone Flies Cheap: U818A Quadcopter with Camera

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The drone craze has made camera wielding fliers come way down in price, and the UDI U818A 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter with Camera RTF Mode 2 boasts a $50.45 tag.


Though Amazon considers this a toy, you need not!

For anyone, albeit a curious kid that has outgrown paper airplanes to physics instructors to anyone needing a great gift, the U818A drone flies cheap and flies high.

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Meet Sawyer The Trainable One-armed Robot

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Rethink Robotics has spawned a new wave of semi-autonomous robots for conducting industrial tasks that require extreme precision, and they call him or her Sawyer.


The one-armed bot has an Intera 3 software platform for a brain and a tablet-like screen as its face.

Seeing it move and interact with projects is truly amazing and somewhat awe-inspiring.

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Smart Boy Turns iPhone Into Cartridge Wielding Game Boy

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Hyperkin has developed a Smart Boy add-on that turns the iPhone 6 Plus into a cartridge loading Game Boy-compatible device.


In a great week for gamers – when Valve released a free remastered Half-life 2 and ThinkGeek a faux coal-powered Steam Machine – now the Nintendo king of portable gaming, the Game Boy, is being made compatible and significantly upgraded by Hyperkin for use with a modern iPhone.

This is no joke.

This extraordinary retro gaming device is coming to the consumer handheld market.

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Steam Machine Console Is Actually Steam Powered

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The long awaited Half-Life 3 game might still be in the making, but an early Steam Machine console the Steam-Powered Gaming Cabinet with the Steam OS is out now from Valve!


You cannot get any more steampunk than this system.

The Steam-Powered Gaming Cabinet runs on anthracite coal, not included folks, producing actual steam in a miniature boiler system that is self-sustaining.

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