This Modular Jet Ski Fits in the Trunk of Your Car

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No trailer? No Truck? No problem. You can stuff the very capable modular BomBoard in the trunk of your car and be out on the water at a moment’s notice.


In my trunk? Unless you drive a Smart Car, yes. The BomBoard will fit in the back of even a compact sedan.

Once out of the trunk you can carry it down to the water’s edge piece by piece and snap it together in less than 60 seconds.  Try that with a traditional Jet Ski.


At only 150lbs this 7’ x 35” personal watercraft isn’t one of the big boys — if it were, it would cost you about $10k and it wouldn’t fit in your trunk. What the BomBoard will do is allow you to sit, kneel, or stand inches from the water at a top speed of 40mph, and will only set you back $3,495.

The same great modular technology that allows you jam the waterkart in the back of your car also means you don’t have to worry about storage once you get home either. No more trashy looking trailers covered with bungee corded blue tarps in the backyard – the price is worth it for that alone (seriously, your neighbors hate you).


The BomBoard is still in the prototype phase so we don’t know the exact specification of the engine or when it will be ready for consumers but, their plan seems to be on track for somewhere in the next twelve months. You can currently get on the waiting list to be the first in line when it’s ready.

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