Kymera Electric Jet Board – Who Says Water and Electricity Don’t Mix?

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Kymera, the world’s first electric jet powered body board is a fun environmentally friendly toy and potential life saving device rolled into one.


The fun part is obvious but, a byproduct of its lightweight design makes Kymera a solid choice for lifeguards and rescue swimmers alike. At 48lbs, it can be carried much like a surfboard, right from the car to the water. No gas, trailers, or boat ramps required.

With its battery powered brushless motor and push-to-go throttle, recreational users get instant gratification while rescue swimmers can be on the scene and saving lives in half the time.

For those weekend warriors who might be on the smaller side, 19lbs of that is battery weight so, if 48lbs sounds a little too heavy, you can always pop out the battery to create an even more manageable 29lb board. The swappable 1000wh Lithium Polymer battery should run 300-400 cycles with proper charging.


Top speed and run time depend greatly on rider weight but users can expect speeds of 10-15 mph with an average outing lasting about an hour. For those of you who have never been this close to a moving surface, 15mph is a lot faster than you think.

If you’ve ever found yourself wanting a jetski but, quickly realized there was no place to ride due to pesky environmental regulations, Kymera might just be the solution for a fun day on the water. Although the completely sealed Kymera can be used in salty environments, you’ll probably want to pick a nice calm day or get a helmet – something tells me, one good wave and you might find yourself needing a nose job.

You can have fun and support a good lifesaving cause by making a donation of any size at Kickstarter.

For those of you interested in picking one up, the base model, which comes equipped with board, battery, and charger will set you back $2,500. For an additional $1,000 you can upgrade to a performance pack which consists of a high speed charger and additional battery pack so you can stay on the water even longer.


The ultimate eco geek can score a solar roof rack charger, which can easily be moved to the beach and setup to charge one of your two included battery packs in under 4 hours, for a cool $5,500.

For those with deep pockets and big love for Batman, there is also a full carbon fiber version with upgraded battery packs capable of 2000 cycles, and a tunable motor ready to crank out speeds of up to 22mph. Lifejacket not included.

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