Water World: A Jacuzzi For The Sea

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Regular landlocked hot tubs are so last season. Now you can take the delightfully relaxing experience of boating and combine it with the hot tub and you’ve got yourself a fun, romantic evening on the Puget Sound or you can add a few more people and, you’ve got yourself a party.


Jamming a hot tub into a boat is not an entirely new concept. Storm, a Dutch watersports company, did it earlier this year, but it looks more like a floating hot tub and not a boat. Karpenske’s boat is actually really well designed and comes fully equipped with everything you need. With beautiful African teak decks and swimstep, each boat comes with a built in dry storage, a waterproof radio with flush mount speakers, and two to four coolers.

The actual hot tub is 8′  x 4′  x 24″ and supports 6 people at sea and up to 8 if you keep it tied up at the docks. You can also drive the boats 24-volt electric motor with an in tub joystick so you never have to leave the comfort of the sizzling hot bath. A single overnight charge of the battery will buy you up to 10 hours of runtime at a top speed of 5mph.


The Hot Tub boat is the brainchild of shipwright Adam Karpenske who actually lives with his wife in an old wooden houseboat on Lake Union in the city of Seattle near the Puget Sound. After a particularly cruel winter he decided to construct a dingy (a little boat) with a hot tub in the back. Kelly Norton, his business partner, said the toughest part was making it strong enough to hold 4000 pounds of water without sinking. Smart thinking.

These calming cruisers are available for rent with a number of personal to corporate packages or you could always purchase one for a cool $42,000 and keep it all for yourself.

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  1. I wonder if sloshing around in a tub of water on a boat would make you more seasick or less?


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