DiveBot: Underwater ROV on the Cheap

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Just a few short days ago we talked about a cool new professional quality mini remote submarine for, what many considered, a cheap $6300 price tag. Here we are just a few days later and the guys from F5 Robotics have launched a new campaign on indiegogo that will get you that same under the sea HD ROV for under a thousand bucks.


At 16 inches long and weighing in at 18lbs this remotely operated vehicle is comparable in size but, where it really stands out (other than its cost) is its 500+ foot depth rating.

It’s not that its 100ft rated cousin isn’t impressive but, the thought that anyone looking to explore the great abyss can dive as far down as 500 feet for under a grand is certainly noteworthy.

Although, getting down deep is going to cost you. Early supporters of the project can preorder a basic Divebot with 50ft of Kevlar reinforced tether for $950 while the deluxe kit will score you 150ft of tether for $1500. Both of those prices are early adopter specials which will be less than future retail prices.

Divebot will also feature a 700TV line HD camera with autofocus lenses and onboard LED lighting to guide your journey. The unit will be controlled by a 7” LCD with integrated dual joysticks and the whole thing will be powered by a 12V DC power pack placed safely on dry land (or on your boat).

If you don’t like the idea of being tied to a 12V source, you’ll be happy to know there are also plans for an optional lithium ion pack that will buy users 4-6 hours of mobile runtime.

With a couple of other successful ROV designs under their belt, it seems likely that this crowdfunding campaign was as much about raising awareness as it was about gathering funds. Although the company is looking to raise $7500 to start full production of DiveBot, they also say they will continue on with the production whether they meet that goal or not.

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