Drop Your Cell Phone in the Toilet Without Dropping Your Call

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I have never been so unfortunate as to have my cellphone drop into the toilet but, have heard countless tales of people who have lost it all in, what must be, the most demoralizing way possible. With their new WaterBlock technology, and your brave hand, HzO will make sure you never have to feel that pain again.

HzO’s WaterBlock technology protects all kinds of valuable electronics from humidity, rain, and even total water submersion. Unlike bulky waterproof cases, this invisible coating protects delicate circuitry at a molecular level, from the inside out – no need to worry about plugging up charging ports or headphone jacks.

The waterproof coating is created by placing any device or material into a vacuum chamber and replacing the typical atmospheric gases with an organic gas that builds up a solid thin film through a secret magical proprietary process.

In addition to consumer applications, HzO is also working with the makers of industrial equipment, theme park rides, underwater surveillance equipment, emergency communications equipment, and other critical systems that cannot afford to go down because they happen to get a little wet.

The lifetime of the coating does depend on the environment but, HzO says their product is stable and will generally outlast most devices.

Although coated gadgets have continued to run for hours underwater, WaterBlock was specifically designed to protect against accidental immersion. This means pouring rain, falling into a pool, or dropping into a fish tank – good. Putting your iPhone through the washing machine – bad.

Unfortunately, as of today there is no obvious way for consumers to send HzO a device for coating, even though the website FAQ states “We also can perform coatings applications on-site at our own production facility for lower volume requirements.”

Until that day glorious day comes, you’ll have to just settle for a medium-tech, DRY-ALL emergency kit or the very low-tech, bowl of rice and prayer.

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