MiniCat – Boat in a Bag

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Ever get boat envy? You’re on vacation, or maybe up at the lake, and sitting shoreside watching lifevest-clad revelers skimming across the surface, smiling and laughing, and just wishing you could be out there too. But unless you live on shorefront property, or don’t think much of paying hourly rates for dinghies that can’t take direction, getting out on the water isn’t as accessible as you might want it to be. Until, of course, you strap a catamaran on your back.

The MiniCat is a uniquely innovative two-person catamaran that packs up into a single 35kg bag that you can carry with you rucksack style to anywhere you want to go — the beach, local lake, or some hidden hole of water tucked along a hiking path. And with such an easy to handle storage size (1350x280x280mm), it tucks away nicely when you’re not using it, instead of taking up a corner of the backyard or precious garage space.

Here’s the best part: assembly is a doddle. Yes, I said a doddle — it says so right in the description. And by doddle they mean that one person can throw the whole thing together in 30 minutes without any tools — unroll, inflate, snap together, raise your sail and you’re good to go!

The price of sailing on the fly? A cool $3,500 and by cool we mean yikes, but if you’ve got the cash and a seafaring heart, this may be the best of both worlds — accessibility and convenience, a match for any lifestyle.

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