Geek Weekly: Batman Golfs With The Gotham Golfcart

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If you were wondering how the dark knight could possibly go out and about in daylight on the sunny slopes of a lush, green golf course it will come as no surprise that the Gotham Golfcart was constructed to provide an armored ride to that dangerous 18th hole.


Initial thought: geek-gasm. This thing is in production right now. Order if you dare.

The only issue is that the billionaire Batman alter ego Bruce Wayne is needed just to be able to afford this Christopher Nolan Bat inspired Batmobile turned golf cart.

Why you ask? Well Gotham Golfcart costs $35,500. That’s right, Poison Ivy cosplay villain girls . . . and guys, the damn thing costs more than the tricked out Mini that I have been eyeing but not quite saving up for for the last five years.

Is it worth it?


Well if the joker is driving by with rockets firing and is going a mean thirty-five miles per hour, than the Gotham Golfcart can outrun the laughing madman with its thirty-eight mph. maximum speed.

Should the clown goons or Bane’s League of Shadows ninjas start to fire conventional machine guns and pistols, the Gotham Golfcart might, I said might, repel the bullets with its flat black faux armor (kids, do not try this at home; drunken adults that can no longer distinguish between a driver and a sand-wedge please do try this at your home course).

There is even an iPad stand. God, I want one!

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