Catch a Ride in this London Tube Tent

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Summer is here and the warm weather ushers in the season for camping. For the most part, camping is generally a 1-4 person per tent adventure, but the introduction of the London Underground Tube Tent now makes camping easier and slightly more entertaining for larger groups.

All aboard the party tent!

As the name suggest, the London Underground Tube Tent is designed to look exactly like the Northern Line train cars in London, right down to the way that the doors open. Naturally this tent won’t actually move on its own but, it might feel like it is after a wild night of barbecuing and drinking.

The tent itself measures approximately 8ft (W) x 50ft (L) x 6ft (H), large enough to fit 72 people standing or 16 people sleeping.

It also comes with a waterproof groundsheet so you don’t have to worry about the moist ground making your sleeping bag as soggy as day old cereal.

There are 7 zip-separated compartments, 5 of which have fly sheet doors that separate the different compartments. It’s perfect for your friends who might have partied too hard and passed out with their door open.

When you’re talking about a tent this big, it’s certainly going to cost a pretty penny so, the $3,051.19 cost doesn’t exactly come as a huge surprise. Considering how many people can fit inside, you might want to consider splitting this thing, a much more manageable, 16 ways.

At the end of the day, wouldn’t it be worth it to have a tent that looks like “The Tube?” The London Underground Tent is available worldwide from Firebox, but only UK customers will score free shipping.

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