Electronic Pitching Machine


Who needs friends? (Kidding — don’t be a goober, you know you need good buddies.) But in a pinch, when there’s no one around to throw you some balls in the backyard to perfect your batting style, the Electronic Pitching Machine is ready to stand in — and won’t require heavy lifting or multiple credit cards to pay off.

Pitching balls every ten seconds, the pitching machine lets you adjust the pitching height and comes with a 27″ collapsible plastic bat and 8 safe, plastic balls for practice in the backyard or on your next camping trip. For $29.95 at the Discovery Channel Store, the battery powered Electronic Pitching Machine is a great step up for your T-ball superstar, or whiffle ball champion in training.

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  1. I tried looking on the Discovery Channel Store for the Electronic Pitchin Machine for $29.95 but cannot seem to find it can you help? Thanks in advance.

  2. It is out of stock on Amazon as well, I cant find it anywhere. Maybe it was a popular gift this season?


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