DJ Roomba of Mops is Here in Everybot Robotic Spin Mop

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In an ever-widening world of artificial intelligence and a robotics golden age, the DJ Roomba of mops is here in the Everybot Robotic Spin Mop.

Rarely has such ingenuity wiped clean manual labor!

But it has.

The semi-autonomous Everybot Robotic Spin Mop can work all on its own spinning two circular microfiber brushes to seamlessly mop any hard surface.

You can even pick it up by hand and use it to clean the shower door.

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But why pick it up at all?

There is a remote control for torturing your cats, but other than that the series of different home cleaning modes make for an extraordinary experience while you sit back and try to blend the perfect frozen margarita.

The EVERYBOT RS500 allows you to select the cleaning mode that you prefer so you can optimize your cleaning experience [from] among 7 different modes.

Let it roam freely and do every floor, or let it mop only a squared off region of walls and corners, or you can even stick it in a starkly stained area for a concentrated cleaning in a tight radius on the sticky spilled margarita area.

There is even a cliff detection sensor, like in the iRobot ‘DJ’ Roomba, to prevent it from falling down stairs or levels.

The dual-spin mop heads and water tanks maximize the power and efficiency of the clean to get the real ‘I worked my ass off cleaning this house’ feeling while lying with your feet up on the couch spilling cookie crumbs to the wood floor during your X-Files binge session.

The big question emerges, however, in all its ugliness: is the price worth the ability to eliminate your hands from mopping?

At an early bird special of $199 dollars US on Indiegogo, this reviewer would say the answer is a resounding YES!

They are being released in March and we are hoping for one to test thoroughly for a follow-up piece and a Gadizmo Hands on Review.

Just remember to keep your baseball bats handy, should these robots rise up in revolt.

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