Molten Aluminum + Ant Hill = Art

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It’s an interesting day for nature based art and a terrible day to be an ant.


Anthillart uses the natural voided structure of an ant colony as a typical sand cast for a sculpture-creating, ant-murdering, liquid aluminum hell. After the molten metal hardens, ‘Art’ simply digs up the mold, hoses off the dirt, and scrubs off some ant legs to reveal the final product.

Once you get past the fact that this is the grownup version of torturing bugs with a magnifying glass, the intricate results are inspiring. It should be noted that Anthillart does prefer abandoned nests but, doesn’t seem all that picky. Don’t judge, you probably use pesticides in your own yard.

Each casting is displayed on a wooden stand mounted with a steel plaque memorializing the details of the colony along with a unique cast number.

The video of the process, posted just a couple of short weeks ago, already boasts over 8 million hits, which likely explains why there are currently no sculptures left for sale.

Once the evil genius locates a new colony, you’ll be sure to find his next creation in his ebay store where he currently sells the majority of his art.

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  1. Molten metal will kill an ant in an instant. Far less cruel than the slow torturous death of Raid.

    If I were an ant, and I had a choice, instant incineration please.


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