Geek Weekly: Dark Knight Rises Batman Belt Buckle

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For the practical nerd that needs to dress professionally for work, there is the Dark Knight Rises Batman Belt Buckle.


If Batman can wear a utility belt, there is no reason why we – as concerned do-gooder citizens of Gotham – cannot adorn our own belts in a similar fashion as we trudge on the dangerous road to work along the city streets.

And this badass batwing stretches six inches from tip to metallic black tip. Does it look like it could double as a weapon to strike down the escaped inmates of Arkham Asylum with? It does!

I know what you’re thinking: will the boss recognize such an elaborate Batwing?

Well they will if they’re cool! Otherwise a day may go by without anyone noticing the slightly more elaborate than your average belt buckle that bears the Batsymbol, and helps you rid the desks and cubicles of untimely crime and paper jams.

The officially licensed belt buckle is indented and within the symbol is the particularly stressed, cracked and weathered peaks of a crumbling, Gotham cityscape representing the Dark Knight Rises film.

This belt buckle is on sale TODAY ONLY (July 18) at, which will take 12% off of the twenty two dollar price and throw in a FREE Dark Knight Rises button for good measure!

And if you really want to have your own Bat Utility Belt and your bases covered in case you need to exit the floor before your boss comes by and forces you to work the weekend, there is always the Black Ninja Folding Grappling Hook W/ 33 Foot Rope. Strap it on, unfold the grappling hook, and throw it up onto the next floor to escape unwanted adversaries (and all for less than twenty-seven bucks).

Get your piece of director Nolan’s final Batman film and at the same time step into the role of the caped crusader yourself.

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