Nano Tech Makes Threadsmiths Tee Stain-Proof

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Miracles do exist, or how else can you explain the Threadsmiths line of stain-proof tee’s that use nature emulated nano tech to allow messy eaters to wear white and light colored t-shirts without worry?


Innovative nano tech is the short answer.

Threadsmiths explains it as utilizing the water repellent lotus leaf as a model for making a hydrophobic nano tech that is embedded in the natural cotton fibers of its shirts for a comfy and machine washable and dry-able tee that wards off almost any water-based liquid waiting to ruin your day.

We are talking about ketchup and mustard and beer.

For years I have avoided lighter colored t-shirts for the sheer horror of permanently destroying them once I begin one of my myriad meals in a day. It is a hobbit life for me. And life as a hobbit once made keeping a stain-free wardrobe quite difficult, but Threadsmiths has changed everything!

The Threadsmiths Cavalier t-shirt almost begs you to enter hot dog and pie eating eating contests!

The downside here, the only con, is that one tee costs $55. But for peace of mind when it comes to wearing a comfortable white tee, that you love, it is a small price to pay.

There is currently an on-site promo code “10BUCKS” that can be entered at checkout to enjoy $10 discount (makes it a little easier to swallow).

Because the actual cotton is better armored to ward off liquids, it stays cleaner and retains and even refreshes its repelling abilities in a warm dryer cycle.


That’s right! The dryer will not destroy your Threadsmiths shirt; it will make it stronger.

This Cavalier model is silky and smooth on the skin and is a premium 100% cotton tee crafted with the patented hydrophobic nanotechnology application that repels water and dirt for an overall clean feeling and practicality.

The fact that no sauce will stick to my Cavalier while devouring (and slavering) a ten pound rack of Tony Gore’s world famous ribs with both hands embedded in barbecue, makes this an invaluable source of confidence (for me especially).

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