Tanround Clothing: For Those Mad Enough to Sunbathe in Snow

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Take the Tanround Clothing Line, for those mad enough to need to sunbathe in snow, as proof that times have changed, and oft times the inventions that come about are the ones we least expected.


I still do not know what to make of Tanround.

The fact that there are any backers at all for the Tanround Kickstarter is astounding, but proves some kind of audience exists.

We’ve all been there: the wintry climate has ravaged our part of the world and ruined our complexion, our Vitamin-D efficiency, and our gloriously bronze color scheme.

It is not a car, but a person’s body that should have the freedom to withstand the cold and the snow and dwell outside, soaking in the sun’s rays while remaining warm in little more than a swimsuit.

At least that is what the inventors over at Tanround thought while making their clothing line.

Too many people are damaging their skin cells with indoor tanning beds or spray-on tans, shellacked on really, folks, whose chemicals provide unnaturally darkened color tones.

What to do? What to do?

How about we modify a plastic sweatsuit, wrestlers and boxers have been making weight before fights with them for years, and allow them to be clear enough to soak up the sun’s UV rays, while self heating the near naked human within the spacesuit, oops, I mean Tanround.

The Tanround gurus claim to make their jumpsuit or two piece track suit with special features and premium fabric designed to soak the sun, heat the wearer, and all with minimal sun deflection.

Case study of using the TanRound in NYC during mid winter: Tanned in under 2 hours

And they tested them on a pasty Caucasian male who wore a Tanround on a 38 degree (F) day in New York City, in mid-winter, and he cooked his body enough in just two hours to gain a heat-radiating tan (that looks more than a little red from the picture Tanround provides).

Wow! Commute, read, and walk around like you are in a David Bowie music video as a spaceman or spacewoman, all while being barely clothed, remaining warm in the cold and snow, and soaking up tons of potentially skin cancer-causing sunrays.

There is nothing on their sites that claim to protect users from skin cancer. There is not even a warning that too much tanning with Tanround can cause any kind of damage.

Tanround is merely an attempt to tan year-round, at your own risk, for a paltry $28 to fifty bucks US per suit.

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