Zombie Highway Game Combines Driving and the Kill

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Drive fast cars, and brutally kill zombies while on the highway? Vroom, vroom, I’m in!

The current number one free download in the App Store is the “Zombie Highway” game, and it is easy to see why. Fire up the App and turn the iPhone into a steering wheel, a video game controller, and a deadly weapon for surviving a zombie apocalypse via motorway.

Zombies cling to the player’s car, but the driver can commit vehicular manslaughter by scraping the undead-laden side into approaching cars and objects.

After surviving a decent run of miles, despite the sticky scenarios the jump-happy zombies create for the player (and there are no limits to these former track star’s jumps, folks), gains the reward of guns.

Rewards of small handguns lead to pump shotguns, lead to semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles and other creature killing combat devices to help spread the calamities to the undead, instead of the living.

Simply touching the screen fires, while the players continue to tilt the phone in order to steer the wild urban terrain.

The music for “Zombie Highway” is riveting, and the sound effects are frightening, particularly when driving with lunging zombies clinging to and trying to topple over the player’s small sedan becomes quite tricky.

Driving directly into debris, full on, (like one of the myriad junk cars lining the dead roads), will automatically kill the driver and thusly, the game.

You die.

Letting screaming and snarling zombies pile onto the car, will crash it, spilling the player’s brains for all of zombie-dom to revel in their deliciousness.

And you die.

Driving like Mario Andretti, while the backseat person fires away, like Rambo with a much smaller amount of ammo means you live.

And you win.

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