Bored In Bed? There’s An App For That

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In Ancient India, the Kama Sutra was a little bit like the Zagat Guide for sex positions. The controversial Hindu text could be found on many people’s bookshelves, no doubt next to a steaming cup of hot chai, and wasn’t seen as the scandalous and naughty book it seems today. In fact, quite the contrary, it was seen as just another part of spiritual life. Now that very special erotic spirituality is coming to a smartphone near you with a new app that will bring those famous illustrations to life.


Kama Xitra is basically an add-on app for the popular spiral bound interpretation of the Kama Sutra, which contains up to 69 positions – how fitting. The designer is quick to note that the illustrations in the book are wearing clothing, but they are not when displayed in the smartphone and application version.

Best of all, the images can be rotated up to 360 degrees so that you can get a full, ahem, grasp on all the different positions. You can also change the skin and hair color of the illustrated models to fit your own preferences. Can you choose green? Not sure, but I hope so.

Some of the positions include The Fantastic Rocking Horse, The Catherine Wheel, The Splitting Bamboo, The Curled Angle and if you really want to “Come As You Are,” you can try the Nirvana position, but that position requires a whole different type of head-banging.


Personally, I don’t know many people who have the time or energy to get though all 69 positions. This is the Mountain Dew generation, for God sakes, and most of us are not a bunch of nimble yogis with a predilection for poor renderings of a 2000-year-old erotic text.

Yet, perhaps the Kama Sutra might be useful to a few couples that want to spice things up in the bedroom. You might not be able to pull off The Plough or The Glowing Juniper for that matter, but you might find an excuse to get a little intimate, which is important – especially if it’s been a few years. The book and free application are currently available to pre-order now.

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