Seek Thermal Imaging For Smartphones Is Less Than $200!

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Get the portable, light Seek Thermal imager plugged into the base of your smartphone for $199!


Haven’t you always wanted night vision?

Think about it: You have your comics carefully stowed away in a weatherproof crate for your big move into your first house, but the key to getting them into the secret, fireproof, temperature and humidity controlled vault you have prepared in your basement is getting there unseen. Because there are obviously people waiting to commit heinous acts against your precious books. You do not know these people, but they are there!

Someone is lurking behind the shrubberies and plotting. And that same someone would love to see how many crates of precious comics are being stowed in your new home.

But you can fight back with the visual ability to conquer the night’s demons . . . the Seek Thermal gadget added onto your phone.


A long relied upon tool in the home inspection trade, amongst many others, quality thermal imaging cameras can cost thousands of dollars and still not offer HD resolution.

The one downside to the Seek is that it does not offer HD either, but few thermal imagers do. It still makes for a great picture, and it is dirt cheap.

Professionals, amateur spies, and government agencies alike can make a lot of use of the Seek.

Working in the field, whether as a plumber trying to eye the source of a  sneaky stubborn clog or a spurting leak or as the Predator seeking out Arnold Schwarzenegger’s skull, carrying expensive thermal imaging equipment can be cumbersome . . . and heavy! Well not anymore, folks.

The Seek App that comes with this is as simple as Instagram. Simply plug the Seek Thermal into your iPhone’s lightning connector or your Android’s mini-USB at the base and start seeing the world through the use of heat detection.

Seek and destroy! No, wait, Seek and shoot! No don’t do that either; ah well, you get the point.

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