Zaphat: Turning Humans to Zombies Instantly

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Ever wanted to become a zombie without all the nasty side effects like brain eating? Well… there will soon be an app for that. Zaphat, created by Zappar, is an augmented reality app that allows users to turn their hats into zombie heads and other fantastical forms of fantasy.

In order to transform your face into fantasy, you’ll need a special Zaphat, iPad/iPhone, two people and the Zappar App. The app tracks the position and orientation of your head through the logo on the hat and then overlays new, three-dimensional virtual content on top. Each hat has a unique logo, which means that you can decide what’s shown when your hat gets zapped.

Alongside the free content that comes with registering the Zaphat, there is also an in-app store to purchase other original and licensed content. Once you have created your own unique 3D virtual mask, you can take pictures or videos and send them to your friends. It’s definitely an interesting way to interact with your friends and looking like a zombie is definitely a perk. Aside from the hat, this concept could also allow for a wardrobe to be associated with any clothing line.

While not everyone is a fan of augmented reality, the truth of the matter is, many large companies like Google are creating prototype augment reality eyewear. It could only be a matter of time before the idea of changing one’s appearance could become mainstream for parties or even theater. Concepts like the Zaphat could serve as the stepping stone to bring augmented reality into daily life.

The Zaphat hasn’t been released yet, but it should be hitting stores in the near future. No word yet on the pricing but considering it’s just a beanie with an embroidered logo, we’re guessing it’ll go for something like $20-25. For those that want to get their hands on it first, they can sign up for the beta on the Zappar website.

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  1. Fun idea but they need to lose the hat and rely on facial recognition. No one wants to wear your logo, it would be cool if it relied on known logos like Nike, Polo, or even Affliction.


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