Vuzix Pushing Plenty of Bad 3D Movies

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With a lot of the consumer electronics industry clamoring to release 3D TVs, Vuzix is quietly bringing the same experience straight to your cornea.

We’ve seen Vuzix video eyewear for years now. At first, it seemed a little goofy. After all, slap on a pair and you look like you’re headed to a Laser Tag tournament. Style issues aside, the individual experience is pretty cool.

Now, to jump on the 3D buzz, the company just announced that they are selling 3D DVD titles. Each one is mastered for use with Vuzix’s Video Eyewear and is also compatible with 3D TV sets — which no one has yet. Another thing they have in common? They are all equally bad.

To start, the company will sell 14 movies. The best two we could find were The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3D and Jaws 3D. Even Roy Scheider was smart enough to stay away from the latter. (Dennis Quaid, not so much.) We have to hope that the more recent at-home 3D content will come very soon. What about Coraline? Heck, we’d even take the Jonas Brothers over some of the titles on this list.

We haven’t had the pleasure of long-term exposure to Vuzix eyewear, so we’d have to wonder if it leaves viewers with the same headache and twitchy eye as the current 3D offerings out there. Vuzix says they use the latest side-by-side format, which is what you’ll see on upcoming 3D displays.

If you’re not ready to ditch your current HDTV (or just want to hoard the experience to yourself), Vuzix Video Eyewear can be had for as little as $249.

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