PetBot is a Treat Dispensing, Selfie Sending, Live Streaming, Dog Whisperer

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If you’re going to spend 8 plus hours at work every day, I could probably make a compelling argument as to why you should never have a pet. Let’s assume you already have one, and don’t happen to care what I think, you should at least engage them with PetBot.

PetBot is a magical little box that allows users to get out of the house while still keeping tabs on the beloved precious. If you’re baby barks, yelps, or jumps in front of the camera, you’ll be notified with a short video.

Not happy with what you see? PetBot allows you to upload custom voice recordings like “HEY get off the couch” or even some soothing music, if you think a classical tune might take the edge off their anxiety.

On the other hand, if all looks well, you can reward your dog (or soul stealing cat) with a delicious treat and share your video with a simple push of a button — which really is the purpose here. Keeping your dog engaged and rewarded throughout the day makes for a much happier pet and a happy pet eats fewer pairs of your favorite shoes.


PetBot comes with a number of adjustable treat dispensing gears to accommodate your pets’s favorite brand.

In addition to all of this functionality PetBot is also just a plain old live Wi-Fi streaming camera so you can keep track of your house or stare at your pet to your hearts delight, using the iOS or Android apps.

The PetBot has raised $10k in its first day on Indiegogo and for $189 you can add to that total with one shipped to your door in May 2016.

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