Butterfleye Keeps an Eye on the Out of the Ordinary

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People want to keep an eye on their homes and precious pets but, not everyone has time to sit around and monitor a live feed waiting for something remarkable to happen – that’s where Butterfleye comes in. Butterfleye is a monitor that learns your routines so it can only record the important bits and update you when it truly matters. It’s like having your own personal production editor.

Butterfleye’s “Activity Based Recording” saves power, storage, and precious bandwidth by only recording when an out of the ordinary sound or movement is detected. This saves you from annoying false alarms and allows the camera to last for weeks on a single charge.

No wires means the camera is completely portable, so you can bring it anywhere. No Wi-Fi? No problem. The on-board drive can store up to 12 hours of 1080p video while it waits patiently to get back into a Wi-Fi friendly environment.


The Butterfleye app delivers smart notifications in a twitter-like activity feed, allowing you to easily sort through the day’s events and activities. The app also allows for multiple cameras so you can monitor multiple locations from a single command center.

The sleek, white, unassuming box also features two way communication so you can yell at your unruly pet or notify intruders that the authorities are on their way.


This project is two years in the making and apparently the people behind the product have it figured out because this little private eye has managed to raise over $300k in just 8 hours. If you’re ready to start keeping an eye on things, $199 will have one shipped to your door by December 2015.

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