Volvo Pimps Rides with RSEi-500 Touchscreen

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How’s that whole Punch Buggy thing working out for you? Those not nursing a giant welt may want to plan some better entertainment for the next lengthy road trip. Those with a Volvo can think about the new RSEi-500 touchscreen.

Volvo says that its nifty web-connected rear-entertainment system includes Windows XP, Wi-Fi access and a 500GB hard drive. That means you can surf the web, download applications and even just enjoy video — all from a digital touchscreen in the backseat.

We’re guessing this might lead to less backseat driving and fewer pitstops. Or, you just might become the favorite in your carpool crew.

However, the fun doesn’t stop once you hit the driveway. The RSEi-500 allows users to connect the car to a home computer, allowing video, audio and other content to be transferred pretty easily. That way, you can stock up for the next day’s drive.

Volvo was just at the Chicago Auto Show, showing off the RSEi-500 inside a 2010 Volvo XC70. The RSEi-500 is scheduled to launch in various Volvo models this June.

[Photo via Motortrend]

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