Jumpsmart Car Jump Starter Power Bank Handles 5.0L Engines

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Jumpsmart car jump starter power bank handles 5.0L engines with ease and anything below 8 cylinders from all types of vehicles, including boats, trucks, four-wheelers, and smartphones, as well.

This is a Hands On Review of the Jumpsmart, Limitless Innovations’ gadget to dominate all zombie survival guides.

It checks off so many boxes.

First of all, when the morgue starts quaking, you go first to grab that bad ass ’94 Jeep Wrangler with square headlights and so many gauges across the entire dashboard to the passenger side you cannot even tell what they are all for.

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With the trusty four-wheel drive SUV in tow, you can scoop up loved ones.

But any vehicle needs proper maintenance and a car battery, for instance, will only last anywhere from two to five-plus years.

On the cold days, when the walkers have gotten stuck, frozen, licking brains off trees, the battery will choose to not fire up and quickly die.

Having a large flashlight, with safety strobing methods, is a start to uncover the problem.

Take the Jumpsmart and plug in your red and black car battery jumper cables and you have multiple revs of the engine to try and power up the battery and fire up the Jeep.

If the vehicle is 5.0L or above you often get a good one to two tries.

For a 4.0L straight six-cylinder in a Wrangler, you can go almost all day – at least four plus – revs to try and start up the truck.

The zombies may be separating their tongues from the frozen traps in the woods, but you have the time to quickly turn over your ride and get out of there.

The size of the Jumpsmart is akin to the Maglight but thicker and heavier, and this is because of the incredible battery power inside.

Most of the power banks and jumpers I have reviewed were plastic-based (see my review of the Audew 12V Car Jump Starter), but the Jumpsmart is an ergonomical CNC-machined aluminum design to add to its durability.

This was made to withstand collisions, drops, and cracking in a zombies’ skull (sorry folks but that is the only way I can stop them).

I love how a car adaptor is included on top of the traditional wall charger, so while the car is going, you can recharge your Jumpsmart in the 12V cigarette lighter port.

In the zombie apocalypse it will take some time to get our homes powered up again, after all.

The Jumpsmart is far sturdier than many of the portable jumpers on the market, and the Jumpstart red and black cables are nearly as beefy as expensive jumper cables in and of themselves, which is a common weak-point that often leads to their breaking in other brands that I have worked with.

For the quality, the unit is a bit more expensive at $120 beans from Limitless Innovations.

That said, few devices offer a power bank with 37000 mWh fit to charge phones for nearly fifty hours before winking out or the Swiss army knife features.

Now the very short jumpers are very short.

But do they need to be big?

I do not think this is too big a deal.

But if you have a diesel, whether in a boat or a BMW, and I did not test this on a diesel, the Jumpsmart claims to only power a 2.0L diesel engine.

Their claims seem conservative, however, and they seem to overperform their abilities in my hands on review, hitting on a 5.0L, a 4.0L, and a 1.6L gasoline engine with great success and room for more jumping.

Happy Jumpsmart zombie surviving times!

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