TiVo Makes Its Big Premiere

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Every cable and satellite provider seems to offer its own digital video recorder line. Given that, it’s inevitable that we would have forgotten about our old buddy TiVo. Now they are fixing to remedy that, and possibly add an entirely new revenue stream for the company.

TiVo just announced the new TiVo Premiere, which takes the TiVo that we know and love and makes it better. First of all, it’s slimmer, so you should have no problem stuffing it into your already overcrowded A/V cabinet.

Aesthetics aside, the new high-def Series4 box does its usual time-shifting thing so you can have a mini Lost marathon on the weekends or watch Price is Right when you get home from work. However, it also adds in endless options for movies, TV and other entertainment from all over the web. That means you can watch movies or TV from Blockbuster, Amazon and Netflix one minute, check out the latest YouTube sensation next, and even tune into video podcasts.

They’ve also improved the browsing feature, which allows you to click on a show or actor and check out a resume, cast lists or even other programming. So when you want to search for Pauly Shore movies, there is a pretty large pool to work with.

The TiVo Premiere comes in two flavors: regular and XL. The TiVo Premiere has 45 hours of HD storage and 400 hours of standard-def. The TiVo Premiere XL holds 150 hours of high-def and 1,350 of the regular stuff. TiVo is taking pre-orders for both boxes now, with plans to deliver in April. Expect them to be priced at $299.99 and $499.99 respectively.

TiVo also plans to expand features in coming months. Check out what the Premiere can do now in TiVo’s video walk-through.


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