Tiny Strong Like Bull Magnets Hold Up Dumbbells

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The gig is up, because the quarter and half-dollar size Strong Like Bull Magnets can hold two and five pound dumbbells up, respectively, from anywhere there is a flat surface!


The pint-sized power of magnets can no longer be concealed beneath heavy hunks of metal.

These tiny button magnets are housed in a shiny aluminum casing with a flat front and back.

Why use an entire toolbox that squirrels away your intrinsic tools and hides them from view right when you need them most?

In the shed of your parent’s house, where its dark as the thunderstorm threatens to undo your day of engine work, time is of the essence and having a few Strong Like Bull Magnets neatly laid out on the steel wall of the shed can house your hammer, your 3/8 inch ratchet set, and your pry bar all within reach and easily discerned amidst the lengthy shadows.

Each Strong Like Bull Magnet comes with strong peel and stick adhesive on the flat back.

Can one of these bad boys be removed after being glued to a flat surface?

Yes, it can, with the little help of a plastic scraping tool to wedge in between; more adhesive stickies are forthcoming too, but the important thing to note is that this is semi-permanent… meaning it will stay stuck where you want it.

There is a difference between Strong Like Bull Magnets and your average magnetic device: a lot of work.

Each one of these contains a high strength neodymium magnet with steel backing, a design made to increase surface pull, an aluminum cover that is then anodized, so the sticking disc front has a hardened outer coating to keep it from scratching easily.

They look good and hold on to metal objects better!

Strong Like Bull Magnets come in small, at 1-inch diameter and 6 mm thickness, and large, at 1.7 inches in diameter and just 7 mm thickness.

Kickstarter has a combo pack of two small and two large for just $35 beans.

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