The Ultimate Artisan iDock

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Forget all of those fancy expensive ergonomic plastic docks for Apple products, we have a winner and it’s as low tech as it gets.

This concrete dock by EpicHomeGoods elegantly displays and charges your iPod or iPhone, in style worthy of an art gallery. If you’re a fan of simple sophistication, it doesn’t get any simpler or more sophisticated than this.

Made of fiber reinforced concrete, each dock is available in a wide array of colors to match any decor – white, ash, concrete grey, moss green, curry yellow, black, and more!

At $34, I was pleasantly surprised to see this hand crafted and hand polished artisan’s creation, has a price tag right inline with what you would expect to pay for any of the popular mass produced, perfectly adequate, injection molded plastic stuff.

For those of you lucky enough to have a desk covered in iGear, they have also designed a dual iPhone/iPad docking station capable of supporting both landscape (viewing) and portrait mode (charging) for all generation iPads.

Like it’s smaller cousin, the dual dock is hand crafted and available in myriad colors for just $50.

If you’ve ever sat around and thought, “hey, that’s awesome but, I wish it were made out of concrete,” give EpicHomeGoods a call. These guys will build anything, from a business card holder to a lounge chair, and welcome exploring custom ideas of all kinds.

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