The Smartphone Campanion: Canon Unveils the PowerShot N

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Next up on the list of digital camera makers trying to keep up with smartphones and their nifty capture and share capabilities, is Canon, who just unveiled the new PowerShot N which they deem is “the perfect smartphone companion.”

The N, which stands for “new” – duh – has a whole host of new, experimental applications to try and woo you away from your dumb smartphone, like the Hybrid Auto mode which records four seconds before every shot in 720p resolution and automatically merges them into one to present you with a little behind the scenes movie.  And if you are lacking any semblance of creativity, when on Creative Shot mode the camera will analyze the surroundings to see which creative elements might enhance the photograph.

Since we only take pictures these days to show off our delicious lunches in an effort to make our friends jealous, the N offers one-touch connectivity to post the photos on most social networks. But, at the end of the day, my smartphone doesn’t really need a companion. Can’t we just wait until we get home to upload our photos? Isn’t the anticipation the best part?

However, the N might be perfect for that super life-documentarian who wants something a little higher resolution to share their intimate world on their social networks. If this is you, look out for the Canon PowerShot N, which is due to hit shelves in early Spring with a price tag of around $299.

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