The Panther is the World’s Fastest Amphibious Vehicle

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If you’ve been saving your pennies all winter for some much needed fun in the sun, but can’t seem to decide on whether to get a new convertible or a boat this summer, you can officially free up some brain power thanks to WaterCar.


This half jeep, half jetboat, dubbed “Panther,” is not what you might expect from an amphibious vehicle. With its Honda V6 engine this beast is capable of 80mph on land and an even more impressive 45mph on the water.

What really makes the Panther unique is the speed and ease in which it can transition from land to water. Unlike its early predecessors that needed to come to a near stop before chugging along at a snail’s pace in a very calm pond, the Panther can plunge into the water at an impressive 15mph and be back to top speed in just a matter of seconds.

The all-important waterproof fiberglass body makes the Panther significantly lighter than a typical traditional Jeep and that weight savings means more power to do impressive things like climb a soft sand dune or pull a full grown water skier.

If you’re into a more casual relaxing afternoon, the Panther’s rollbar makes for a rod holder perfect for a unique fishing experience.


WaterCar offers the ultimate amphibious experience at three levels of completeness to get around some pesky local licensing and registration laws but, the fully ready to run custom option is going to set you back $135,000. And that doesn’t even include a top!

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